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Illustrations for TVCs

Illustrations for DStv Africa's TVC

"Africa's Greatest Storyteller" - Africa Month, May 2021.


Editorial Illustrations

Illustrative work I've contributed to the Mail & Guardian – "Africa's best read".

Illustrations for PoP

Patriarchy is deeply entrenched in our society, and the only way to fight this system is to bring a form of understanding to the battle. This book is a tool on how to co-exist. I contributed 4 illustrations to the book.

36 Days Of Type 2021

I took part in the global design challenge #36DaysOfType in 2021.

Food Packaging Series

Illustrations of iconic South African food packaging that I love! 

Pride Month Campaign

Pride Month Alphabet Campaign illustrated for The Tempest.

Reading Challenge Campaign

Illustration and design work I've done for premiere global media network, The Tempest.

Rites Skincare Collab

Social media "normalise acne" campaign done in collaboration with Rites Skincare – a South African teen skincare brand.


Illustrated portraits of people I love and admire, as well as self portraits.

Menstruation Campaign

Series of illustrations I've created for social media to work towards destigmatising menstruation.

"Our Story" timeline illustration

The Centre for Change was born out of an imperative to defeat state capture, but that was only the beginning. I illustrated the Centre's story.

Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering work I love.

Theatre Posters

Posters illustrated and designed for various South African theatre productions, including Ovation Awards winners, Bayephi and Saithood.

Botanical Illustrations

Illustrated portraits of people I love and admire, as well as self portraits.

Evans Culture Collab

Illustrations from my social media collab with South African fashion house, Evans Culture